20 Jan 2018- a note to tynvier

20 Jan 2018- a note to tynvier

Hello all #tynvier,

Happy 2018!

We planned many new challenges to share with you in this 2018.

Just happy to share we've completed the first very important one - our online store finally refreshed to a more heavier and stable platform :)

You all girls should received an email with a link like below, please simply click the button and activate your TYNVIE account now!!

Please do remember to share us your TYNVIE styling picture and you will be featured in our online store front page, instagram and also facebook.

Remember to hashtag us #lovetynvie #tynvier #totd :)

We will need all of your support to be with us for all these challenges. Promise to be with us, okay?

With Love,

T Y N V I E @2018 Jan


January 20, 2018 by W. TYNVIE