Happy Luner New Year 2021 - CNY SPECIAL :)
A NEW year is upon us, and we can all agree that we want 2021 to be a much better year than 2020 turned out to be.


T Y N V I E  cares about traditions. We respect indigenous wisdom and culture. Wearing new clothes symbolizes an idea of change, a new start and ridding out of the old. "Lai-See" (利是), are packets that contain good luck money. Giving lai see to people is a big part of Luner New Year celebrations, so we prepared a Lai-see (Gift voucher) for your new clothes this year and it will be giving out together with your order from today onward 💕💕

T N N V I E 尊重傳統。我們尊重古人的智慧和文化。穿新衣服象徵著一個改變的觀念,一個新的起點並逐漸擺脫了舊觀念。 Lai-See(利是)是包含好運錢的小包。在傳統農曆新年的慶祝活動中,向人們提供禮物是很重要的,所以我們為您今年的新衣服準備了利是現金卷;從今天開始,它將與您的訂單一起分發 💕💕

Our special edition New Year Clutch Bag in RED/GOLD embroidered flowers will be also attached with your order! It's the best fit for Lei-See storage/ mask clutch/ cosmetic bag... etc ;)

我們還將在您的訂單中隨附特別版的紅色/金色繡花新年收納小袋!最適合存放利是 /口罩 /化妝小物...等等;)

Happy New Year. 恭賀新禧




sounds exactly like the word “wealth” in Cantonese, so buying a new pair of trousers would be adding wealth to your bank account. Here you go our newly launched beautiful scallop cuffed hem trousers- Two colours: Orange/ checks


聽起來完全像粵語中的 “財富(長富)” 一詞,因此,購買一條新的褲子將為您的銀行帳戶增加財富。 在這裡,您可以穿著我們最新推出美麗的扇貝下擺長- 兩種顏色:橙色/格子

Checks Scallop Cuffed Hem Pleat Front Pants

Orange Scallop Cuffed Hem Pleat Front Pants



Happy New Year of The OX .牛年快樂!

Happy New Year. 恭賀新禧

Happy Shopping and let's treasure our precious cultural and ecological traditions together ♡ 




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