Contemporary trend: // T Y N V I E // FLARED PANTS
 T Y N V I E  always concern about contemporary and on-trend. Since 2014, we have had our first flared pants for our beloved #tynvier and keep running these 1970's inspired bottoms with your everyday outfits.

 T Y N V I E 最著重的就是歷久常新。自2014年開始,我們將第一條喇叭形褲子帶給我們心愛的#tynvier,並一直使用日常服裝穿搭這條1970年代靈感十足的褲子。 

We understand we're not supermodels. Flared styles are a perfect choice, because of the leg-lengthen effect. Do you have beautiful long legs? Make them even longer and create a streamlined silhouette. Check out our style and colour suggestions:

Everlasting Modern Navy since 2016 - style with any colours, navy blue is never a wrong choice (always one of our best seller for many years!)

Another must-have one is a classic black - it's always some other choice close to a navy but more classy
Brighten up your days with a true red - you will never know how stylish a red is unless you try it on
真正的紅色永遠能夠輕易地使您的日子亮起來 - 直到您真正把它穿上,否則您永遠不會知道紅色有多時尚
Looking for a special but not exaggerated colour, we do prepare this low-profile in plum red-purple for your daily styling
尋找特別而不誇張的色系,我們確實為您的日常造型準備了這種低調而富內涵的紅梅 紫色
Our most popular denim collection is just relaunched - we specially upgraded with contrasting white stitches to shape out the silhouette of this flared pants
我們最受歡迎的牛仔布系列剛剛再度推出 - 我們特別升級了對比色的白線,更能進一步塑造出這款喇叭褲的輪廓
Since 2014, we had already with Beige, blue, burgundy, navy, black, white, red, plum red and denim collection...
You can easily wear flared pants in your everyday life. If you haven't bought this super trendy pants style, then you better do it now! I am serious. Why? That's a great chance to try boho-style without looking like a hippie. Just imagine yourself wearing these with your casual, formal, or festival top and became very unique.
Looking for some other special colours we're still not yet with? Email us and we will find you the way ;)
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Tobe Yeung

Tobe Yeung said:

I love this pants very much!!! Already bought 3pcs XD

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